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What to wear!

Originally posted 2014

How very frustrating it is to get dressed in the morning. I’m never sure what to put on – thermals or no thermals, quite a predicament up here! In Vancouver a rainproof jacket is always a good bet during the winter months (scratch that – all year round) but here I have been caught out a few time! ‘Nipping’ outside for a minute is not an option as I learned last year in Coral Harbour. I thought I might get away with simply throwing on my jacket to put out my garbage one night and it probably would have worked had it not been for the incredible Northern Lights that held me captive, mouth gaping, just long enough for me to lose all feeling in my face and the ability to blink. There’s something to be said for the addiction to nicotine and all those people who stand outside on a smoke break – risking cancer and hypothermia – the force is strong.

Taking a look outside at the pristine snow-drifts, bright sunshine and immaculate, blue sky you can be fooled into thinking that wind-pants and arctic jacket (warm up to temperatures of -36 – ‘up’ to, really??) alone will suffice, but oh no – the slightest wind lowers the temperature of that temptation to an eyeball freezing -42 to -50 and of course walking to work in the morning before the sun has even announced itself is unwise to chance – sans thermals!

I’m learning. Layering up. My eyes the only part of me exposed, arriving at work like Scott of the Antarctic – frozen mascara (me not Scott), and my breath frosting the inside of my scarf. Such a beautiful walk, the waning moon, soft as a ripe Brie, still high in the sky, a slim ribbon of daylight edging the horizon and my frozen footprints from the night before marking my path, a very unique experience.

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