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Trains, planes and automobiles.

All modern travel is pretty crazy – a Boeing 747 has a take off weight of 450 tons – birds bones are hollow to make them lighter so my mind is always a little bent out of shape over that one – and don’t talk to me about thrust and velocity either, I prefer to be amazed and in awe – thank-you.

Driving a car is like wielding a loaded weapon – its dangerous, and the five car pile up that delayed my trip by two hours is proof. Mind you it’s not the car but the person wielding it, right? So wouldn’t you think that driver’s would slow down in the torrential rain we’ve been having rather than drive nose to tail, like a dog orgy? I am always enormously grateful to be in the held up traffic rather then in amongst the mangled metal and broken glass so two hours with a full bladder is nothing, really.

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