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Thanks Given

Originally posted 2015

So, there goes another Thanksgiving weekend, a time for celebrating the bountiful harvest apparently or, like me and millions of others, if the queue in Rona is anything to go by, home improvements.

I have been painting over the dark chocolate walls I inherited from the previous owner of my new apartment with a colour that seemed very appropriate, all things considered – Icy Grey! There was a near miss with Arctic White and Igloo Grey but this shade of pale won me over. It has taken four coats and I have to confess I am not a patient painter and I don’t spend hours masking off skirting boards and such, although I did put down plastic sheets to protect the floor. You wouldn’t know it by the amount of spatter I discovered when cleaning up this morning. Like a Dexter-esque crime scene there was evidence of a killer paint job in places I least expected such as the bottom of my coffee mug, after I had drunk the last drop!

My son took me out to dinner tonight and I had the Thanksgiving Special – Turkey dinner. Hmm! Not up to much but I always enjoy my youngest boys company – he and his girlfriend are so cute together and it makes me feel hopeful and happy (thankful even) that they have found each other.

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