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Smartie people are happy people!

As all Moms know a trip to the supermarket when the kids are small can be a nightmare, especially when on a tight budget. As a single Mom putting myself through nursing school taking two hungry children to the magical place where food comes from presented a few challenges. Teaching young children, too big to contain in the shopping cart seat, that you cannot eat from the cereal box and then put it back on the shelf was one, that certain ‘treats’ were beyond Mommy’s budget, which didn’t afford much more than the basics, was another.

I remember my enthusiastic approach to happy shopping as a new Mom with my first child. I had read somewhere, after his first throw-down tantrum, that making shopping fun was the answer to typical toddler behaviour so, following this advise I cut off the packet tops from regular purchases and we played ‘find the pasta’ or ‘find the Cornflakes’. When he was old enough to wander along the aisle by himself it became the ‘can’t we have these instead’ game and ‘this has a free gift’ game. Not so much fun!

My daughter was a very smart shopper. From very early on she figured she could swap shoes and sweaters with the new ones hanging in the clothing department. Harassed and keeping an eye on my son taking swigs of Smarties from each packet and then putting them back (when they came in a tube) I wonder now if she put him up to it!

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