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And back to blonde

Updated: Nov 2, 2019

Originally posted 2017

Life can be full of surprises. Since changing the colour of my hair from super blonde to raging red I found myself to be more visible to the opposite sex, or at least that’s what I fooled myself into thinking, and based on the solitary advances of a wooly-faced man, on my return to Rankin Inlet, whose charm and magnetism could not be ignored. With a full set of teeth (big plus up in the North) he smiled at me and offered the enchanting pick up line “Are you single?”

Now, I have heard a few priceless pick-up lines in my time – the ‘come here oftens’, the ‘how do you like your eggs in the morning’ (yes – really!!) and the ‘fancy a bit of sausage, darling’ – oh and the one that had me at hello – ‘you have nice teeth for an English woman’ – but this pick-up line wins hands down. Desperation, pity, genuine attraction? I have no idea but my suspicions lean towards desperation and my mind has since rethought the whole visibility thing – ‘aging’ red might be a more appropriate descriptor for the hair colour after all– needless to say it was not the beginning of a beautiful relationship!

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