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Festival fun!

So just back from The 26th Annual Austin Film Festival and Writer's Conference - to give it it's full title. I met some really awesome people and took away a few golden nuggets of industry wisdom - creating a website being one of them! Not only did I meet the living but I also encountered visitations from the less alive. OK - crank alert but wait...hear me out. My girlfriend and I stayed at the Driskill Hotel, she had asked for the most haunted room which happens to be room 525 where, according to urban legend, two brides committed suicide on their wedding night in the same bath-tub, but we were in room 446, it's approach akin to a scene in The Shining - a door to a door at the end of the hall.

The first night as I was just hitting that sweet spot between sleep and awake, where the body is weightless and the mind adrift, I felt two hard kicks to the end of my bed. Full-on hefty boot kicks that jolted me awake. Too tired after 12 hours travelling and not particularly afraid (not my first encounter) I immediately fell back to sleep. In the morning my girlfriend said she heard a voice in the night - quiet, female, uttering "Where are you?"

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